Sony PXW-FX9
Sony PXW-Z90
Sony A7 III
Specialist kit inc traps, thermal, full spectrum

Lenses (native):
Sony G 28-135mm F4 Powered Zoom
Sony / Zeiss 
16-35mm F4
Sony / Zeiss 24-70mm F4
Sony G 70-200mm F4
Sony G 200-600mm F5.3-6.3
Laowa 24mm f14 Macro Probe Lens

Ronin MX + SC + Osmo gimbals, GoPro, Osmo Action,
DJI Mavic Mini Drone (operate under your PfCO)

Live TX kit:
LiveU LU200 DVB with 5x EE SIMs – live to broadcast
LiveU Solo+ with 4x EE SIMs – live to web and social channels
Sennheiser Radio IFB kit (x2)

Sachtler FSB8 + Flowtech
Manfrotto 500 with CF legs
Assorted clamps and mounts

Westcott Litepads
Various stands, reflectors, grip

Rode NTG1 (x2) with windjammer + pistol grip
Sony radio lapel (x2)
Sony radio plug in XLR TX
Sony Dual RX
Reporter / contact / wired lavs + more