I’ve filmed all sorts of non-scripted content on a wide range of cameras over the year.  I particularly enjoy the unknown and work quickly and efficiently under pressure.  

As a freelancer I own and operate a number of cameras ideally suited to documentary, news and live run and gun camera work.  I’m based in Norwich but regularly work in London and all over the country.

My main camera is the amazing Sony PXW-FX9 which can produce a very cinematic look as well as offering the flexibility as operating as an ENG camera with a powered zoom.

I’ve been filming and operating since the early 90’s at which time I fully embraced the move from large betacams to smaller miniDV cameras.  This love of small cameras has continued and I’m known for working with small form factor professional camcorders.  This style of camera is ideal for working covertly and discretely, I also find the smaller size of camera is less intimidating to inexperienced contributors and members of the public.

As well as owning and shooting with Sony and Panasonic DSLR style cameras I own a number of DJI gimbals, mini cameras, full spectrum infrared, thermal, specialist timelapse cameras and camera traps.