I added a broadcast standard LiveU LU200-DVB to my kit in 2019 to allow me to provide a live video service for broadcast as well as an easy way to send store and forward video from location.

My LiveU LU200 uses bonded 4G mobile phone SIM cards, the unit takes two cards internally and two more via USB modem.  I can further connect another two cards via wifi and ethernet to offer as many as six 4G connections enabling increased redundancy and a robust method to send video in congested areas.

I have a custom designed and foamed resin backpack flyaway kit that enables me to carry all the equipment I need to transmit live with an on board microphone and a license free radio reporter mic and camera top light.  These kits are carry on size for airlines and carry extra batteries as well as mains adapters for both the LiveU and broadcast spec 4:2:2 10bit professional camcorder.

My LiveU can work with any camera that has an HDMI or SDI connection including mini cameras.  I can configure my LiveU as a “gunrun” backpack with a optically stabilised Sony action camera to provide discrete live video from protests or within crowds.

I also supply my LiveU LU200 with my Sony FX9 which is the ideal package for high quality tripod mounted or handheld reporting.

I provided a live stream from central London for TRTWorld which went to air as well as being displayed below in the national square.  The brief was to film discretely and was shot on my Sony Pro camcorder.

Call me 24/7 for Broadcast Work

My LiveU and camera batteries are kept charged 24/7, I have five contract 4G SIM cards with EE and can be in most parts of the country within a couple of hours.