The short version…  I’ve been working with cameras for over 27 years, I have a passion for story telling, the natural world and technology.  I absolutely love my job and enjoy new experiences, meeting and learning about new people and above all helping others to share their story, no matter what it is.

The longer version…  Since an early age I’d been interested in and exposed to filmmaking.  My grandfather was a founder of the local cine video club and was always armed with a 8mm camera that was more often than not pointed in my direction.  I quickly realised which side of the camera best suited me.

At school I didn’t overly excel at any of the core subjects but enjoyed art, technology and despite not taking drama lessons I always helped light the set and control the lighting for performances.  When I was 16 I left school to work for a company selling / renting professional film and video production equipment.

During my time with this company I got to travel to many countries and got involved with a number of shoots.  Although my job was in the sales department I was lucky enough to visit Monaco for F1 racing, France for the World Cup, I worked in London on Princess Diana’s funeral and demonstrated and operated cameras on many smaller jobs.

In 2005 I co-founded my own equipment sales company in North London which still trading turns over millions of pounds of business a year.  During this time I continued to operate cameras, write articles, provide training and give talks on camera technology and filmmaking.  At the end of 2019 I made the difficult decision to follow my passion and left my sales company to my co-founder so I could fully concentrate on my production work.

I now live in rural Norfolk surrounded by nature, I work all over the UK and still thoroughly enjoy exploring new places and finding adventure in everything I do.